I found out i was a twin flame through angel numbers and meaningful synchronicities that only make sense in my life and in my path. I will share here some of the tools i used to awaken of my twin flame. It’s very personal and the awakening is in Divine timing. Your twin flame doesn’t have to be your romantic partner or be attracted to you. Love is ALWAYS a choice.

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Spirit animals

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Angel numbers

Check my post here

Past lives clues

Your south node or Ketu will give you clues about your past lives. Work with your natal chart for ascension. Check or for vedic astrology. I rely on vedic astrology much more, i think it’s far more accurate.

You can also order a past life reading. Check my post about reincarnation here . Or have a hypnosis session to remember (with a therapist or a YouTube audio).

YouTube channels about twin flames

YouTube videos

Twin Flame telepathy

Check Alice Bailey’s Telepathy and the etheric vehicle book. Preview here


Your twin flame might communicate to you through songs. Check the synchonicities.


Check the life path of both you and your twin flame. Other significant number sequences are 17:17 (sexual union) and 11:11 (you are ascending).


It could be finding twin flame jewelry, spiritual symbols.

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Oracle Cards

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