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One of the main purposes of Spiritual Nutrition is to share how to eat and live in a way that will enhance this Kundalini unfolding.

One cannot eat one’s way to God, but a vegetarian diet—and particularly a high-percentage live-food diet—is a powerful aid in the process of spiritual evolution. However, without the context of right livelihood, right association, love, and connection with God through meditation and/or prayer, the practice of vegetarianism may result in an unbalanced ego state.
A vegetarian diet is a true blueprint and a precondition for the golden age
that is about to dawn. How else could the lamb lie with the wolf/lion?

Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., also supports doing a whole-foods detox diet, eliminating all processed foods, sugar, grains, and alcohol from your diet for 10 days, or longer depending on how you feel. You may find you feel much lighter, more energetic, and healthier after a week or two without processed food and simple carbohydrates weighing your body down. And as an added bonus, you may also lose a few pounds.

Individually, this means a diet that is organic; moderately low glycemic; moderate-low plant-source- only carbohydrate (25–45 percent, primarily from leafy greens, green vegetables, and sprouts); at least 80 percent live food; high in mineral content; 25–45 percent plant-source-only, raw fat (no animal protein or fat and no trans fats from animal or plant sources); 10–25 percent protein; low-insulin index; well hydrated; individualized; and of modest food intake. For it to be successful, it needs to be a cuisine that is sustainable for the duration of one’s life and prepared and eaten with love.

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This lifestyle integrates a 100% organic, 80% live-food, 100% vegan diet; prana-building exercises such as Ophanim, tai chi, yoga asana, and ecstatic dance; service and charity; staying spiritually inspired by working with a spiritual teacher; meditation, prayer, and chanting to silence the mind; and shaktipat or haniha.

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From a practical point of view, eating fish is potentially dangerous because of the widespread, ever-increasing pollution of the waters of the world as well as the recent ongoing radioactive contamination from Fukushima of the ocean waters (directly) and fresh waters (indirectly through the air). The biggest water contaminants are PCBs and mercury. PCBs, along with dioxin, DDT, and dieldrin, are among the most toxic chemicals on the planet.

Animals concentrate plant foods to form their tissues. And if there is toxicity in their air, water, and/or food environment—such as chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, larvicides, fungicides, detergents, bleaches, toxic solvents—then these toxins accumulate in the animal. Dairy products contain approximately five-and-a-half times as many pesticides as commercial fruits and vegetables as well as at least 15 times higher radioactive particles. And flesh foods, such as beef, fish or chicken, which are higher up on the food chain, contain 15 times as many pesticide residues as commercial fruits and vegetables and up to 30 times more radioactive particles such as I-131 (and other radioactive particles such as released from Fukashima) and depleted uranium (contained in weapons used by at least 17 nations).

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When the subtle energy channels (nadis) are cleaned, the mind also becomes purified of negative thought patterns. Then a subtle process of transformation of consciousness occurs. The first stage of purification seems to correlate most closely with Dr. Sannella’s physio-Kundalini process. In the [my] observation of hundreds of people, after the Kundalini is awakened it usually takes from one to two years for this physio-Kundalini process to unfold. This applies to an aspirant who follows a regular spiritual discipline of meditation, devotion to God, keeping good company, living a balanced and harmonious life, and of course, following a diet supportive of the Kundalini. 


Is he present while he’s eating? Do you think he’ll be more and more conscious if he keeps eating like this?…..if he paid attention to what he’s eating and where it came from, do you think it would be tasty for him?

How do we eat and live in a way that will stimulate the awakening of, nurture, and intensify the spiritualizing energy flow of the Kundalini?

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Straight to your stomach….a corpse!….eat it with the head …if you can….:/

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“Meat damages the astral body: the influence of blood passes into it, inviting low entities which surround and impress low animalistic urges, drives, and actions into it.” by Torkom Saraydarian.

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With an appropriate diet and lifestyle, the trans- forming and purifying action of the Kundalini takes place faster and more easily.

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Chronic and degenerative dis-eases, as well as life-threatening self-destructive behavioral patterns, are found only in human beings. Humans are the only life form on Earth that actually works against the rules of nature. In India, it is called prajna pratihara, or crimes against wisdom. Because we lack the wisdom to live healthy lifestyles, we accelerate entropy in the form of degenerative diseases. Only humans and domesticated animals suffer from rheumatism, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, allergies, osteoporosis, and all the other degenerative diseases of civilization.

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Developing an appropriate diet for all aspects of our lives is a complete practice on its own. To be at peace with the diet requires artful intelligence in combination with trial and error. It is important to realize that the exact diet for each person needs to be individualized with regard to the amount one eats, the timing of meals, and what one eats. A first step toward developing an appropriate diet is to be clear about the purposes of the diet. From the point of view of creating peace with the body, the main idea is to eat in a way that maintains and enhances the God communion in the preparation of the food, the eating of it, and the digesting of it. In Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini, the goal of eating was described as “not to live to eat, or eat to live, but to eat in order to enhance one’s communion with the Divine.

A harmonious diet helps us honor, maintain, and purify the body as the physical aspect of the spirit and as the temple for the spirit in a way that keeps our minds clear and our bodies physically able to cope with the demands of our unfoldment. For example, if we eat excess sweets and throw our body out of balance into hypoglycemia, the unsteady blood sugar makes it difficult to experience sustained and deep meditations or to stay focused on a project. Blood sugar swings also contribute to periods of emotional lability, depression, or hyper-irritable states. We need an appropriate diet to help us assimilate, store, and conduct the heightened cosmic energies now being generated on this planet and to enable us to handle the intensified energy released through our own spiritual development. A diet that brings peace to our body supports us in all aspects of our lives from our physical work to our spiritual endeavors.

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-From Dr. Dahlke spiritual perspective


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The vegan diet is about HARMLESSNESS, to cause NO PAIN to ANY living thing;

“To cease eating the flesh of animals, violating the life of nature, that doing these things will continue to bring pain to humanity and will hinder their path. The man promises to speak to humanity about these complaints and to urge them to take swift action-“

From the bible…”If you do what you promise, I will set you free … If not, because of your crimes, the Fire of Space will consume you and the human race. And once again, nature will belong to Nature.”


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