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An addiction is defined as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.

People with a  Sexual addiction alter the frequencyin which they have sex, which normally is once a week for those who have a commited relationship; the types of sex they are opened to; obessive-compulsive thinking related to these subjects.

Each sex addict can have preferences of how they satisfy their addiction. Some may choose to use pornography. Other types of addiction include prostitution, masturbation, masochistic behavior, voyeurism, and exhibition.

Another is if you feel powerless against your compulsions to act on your sexual desires. You may even feel like your life is becoming hard to manage due to your preoccupation with sex.

Often, people feel a sense of shame or guilt after performing a sex act. Symptoms can also include visiting strip clubs or sex related events. An addict may even choose to have affairs outside of their relationship, engage in risky sexual encounters or illegal sexual encounters.

No matter which avenue a person chooses to satisfy their craving, there are specific signs and symptoms to look out for that can help determine if a person may need help.

People become addicted due to belief systems and thought patterns that are incorrect. They feel they are not valuable or that others will not see them as worthy.

Dr. Carnes explains that sex, just like other substances, fills a void inside a person that makes these feelings of worthlessness bearable.

Sex addiction is not caused by just one thing. It is caused by a mixture of sociological, biological and even psychological factors.

Negative life consequences can include relationship issues, declining health, financial problems, and legal problems. An addict may also begin to isolate themselves and lose interest in activities they once enjoyed.

Be mindful who you have sex with, the energy exchange while you have sex can open the door to several STD’s (sexually transmited diseases) and other problems related to intimacy and freedom to choose a partner.

Sex addiction is not about sex. It’s about feeling empowered, the high of power, and an individual’s relationship with sex. Is intimacy included in a sex addiction? Hmmm….

It’s an obsessional pattern that transforms into an individual’s primary relationship or need- where a sexual addict will rely on sexual acting out as a source of nurturing, comfort from pain or relief from stress.

These people have lost their ability to say no, and the freedom  to choose. Their sexual behaviour is part of a cycle of thinking, feeling and acting, which they cannot control.

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Dark forces lead you into sexual misuse

The higher mental body is not yet built in most human beings. When sexual energy is economized and sublimated, it provides material to build the higher mental body, as well as the intuitional body, with the related centers and senses. All Great Ones teach the importance of not wasting sexual energy, especially in masturbation. Masturbation is forbidden in religious environments.

Sexual energy is so precious. Only one drop of it forms a human being. Sexual energy must be sublimated, assimilated, and used for the construction of the higher bodies. A person who wastes his sexual energy or masturbates will never achieve continuity of consciousness.

Oral sex is inspired by dark forces, and it is a very repulsive act. Through oral sex the throat center is distorted. When the throat center is distorted, the intelligent forces of higher centers cannot manifest within you in creative, constructive, and uplifting productivity.

Teenegers tend to have sex prematurely . Then they are not healthy because when your glands are stimulated before maturity is reached, you destroy those glands and create total imbalance in your system. The children who start sex and masturbation in their early years do not have energy, they do not have strength, striving. They already have killed a part of their precious mechanism. I am not against sex, but prematurely destroying your centers does not help because the sex center, when stimulated, sucks creative energy from your throat center.

The recovery diet

So, just what should recovering addicts eat?

  • Less sugar — Staying away from sweetened foods (anything with added sugar counts) will help stabilize blood sugar levels, which will help with mood swings, anxiety and depression.
  • Fewer refined carbohydrates — Choose whole grains instead.
  • More protein — The amino acids in proteins serve as building blocks for neurotransmitters, which are often lacking in addicts.
  • More fiber — Fruits and vegetables help begin to heal the gastrointestinal system.
  • More healthy fats — Good fats help the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Choose olive oil, flaxseed oil and omega-3s (found in fatty fish, nuts and flax seeds).
  • Fewer processed foods — Liver repair is critical in early sobriety, says Henninger, so stay away from processed foods with artificial ingredients.
  • Less caffeine — Caffeine can exacerbate insomnia and anxiety, which are especially prevalent in early sobriety.

The ideal lifestyle consists of eating a 100% organic, 80% live-food, 100% vegan diet; prana-building exercises such as Ophanim, tai chi, yoga asana, and ecstatic dance; service and charity; staying spiritually inspired by working with a spiritual teacher; meditation, prayer, and chanting to silence the mind; and shaktipat or haniha.

Treatment for Sex Addiction

Many treatments have proven to be successful when treating someone with a sex addiction. Anyone with this type of disorder can receive help. One of the most common ways to start treatment is with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can teach you how to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are associated with our sexual addiction. You can learn about triggers and methods to avoid relapse.

A person with a sex addiction could also benefit from attending group therapy, as well as family therapy. In group therapy, you can get feedback from others who are suffering with similar symptoms. In family therapy, you can work with loved ones to help prevent relapse and set appropriate boundaries.


When choosing a counselor or treatment center, it is important you can participate in techniques that focus on connecting the mind, body and spirit. True healing incorporates all parts of the body. Working on the physical as well as the mental and spiritual can provide you with more strength throughout your recovery.

Recovering From Sex Addiction

Recovery does not happen overnight. It’s a process of healing the mind, body, and spirit. Recovery includes behaviors you should avoid, as well as behaviors you should do daily. For instance, you want to avoid visiting pornography websites, but engage in therapy with a counselor to understand the root cause of the addiction.

Recovery is learning and implementing relapse prevention techniques, which includes continuing your care for as long as you need.

In recovery it is important to avoid old friends who may trigger relapse but attend support groups with people who want you to succeed.

Taking the time for yourself to heal from the inside out will allow you to recover completely. You deserve a life free of addiction and full of happiness and joy.