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From Torkom Saraydarian’s perspective:

“The aura of a human being may be cleaned of crystallized formations through music. I have written certain music which, if listened to carefully for a period of five months, will dissolve many kinds of glamors, illusions, and maya. The process of cleansing is as follows.

First, the music will create a repulsive reaction if the layers of crystallization are thick. Then dislocation occurs, and the crystallizations move to the surface of the aura. At this point they lose their sharp borders and become cloud-like masses. It is at this point that the music begins to create a slight sensation of joy. After feeling such joy, the process of dissolving the crystallizations increases and continues.

During the period of breaking the crystallizations, a person passes through crises. Eventually, emotional and mental stabilization takes place with an increasing amount of health and energy.

When the crystallizations are finally melted, intense love for the music appears in the heart of the person. This takes a few months, but eventually the aura shines with its normal colors.

The way to listen to this music is to relax and let the sound of the music penetrate your entire aura, until you almost memorize the music and mentally follow it….This must be listened to for twenty minutes every evening before sleeping, and on Sundays when you have time for retreat or seclusion. It is more effective during the night or during the day in Nature.

As a magnet rearranges iron filings in the pattern of the magnetic rays, so music arranges the atoms of the aura. As these atoms arrange and rearrange, they free themselves from the power of crystallization, and eventually all the auric waves flow in harmonious rhythm with each other. Physical, emotional, and mental health depend on how synchronously and harmoniously the atoms and cells circulate in the aura.”

“People are built by the music they listen to. In most cases the music they listen to crystallizes a pattern in their electromagnetic sphere. The intention of my music is to annihilate such crystallization and offer people opportunity to come in tune with the beauty that exists within them. My music brings health, happiness, and offers new channels of inspiration.”

“My music is a very powerful means to destroy crystallizations in your aura – etheric, astral, and mental crystallizations. Once your cystallizations are broken and dispersed from your aura, you have a great chance to build new behaviors, new kinds of responses, and new ways of thinking.”

~ Torkom Saraydarian

1. Aspiration –
2. Migrating Birds –
3. Dance of Knights –
4. Bees in Cherry Blossoms –
5. I Walk Toward the Summit –
6. Wild Horses –
7. Unfolding Tulips –

Reflect on the influence of music

We can say that today music has become the most appreciated of all artistic expressions. Everywhere we hear more and more of it, and more and more young people want to make music and sing. But since they have no criteria, they do not see that certain kinds of music that have won great popularity are extremely harmful for them. If it is new and original, this is criteria enough for them. And this is how they have come to call music something that is really only a succession of discordant sounds accompanied by howls and gesticulations. They do not realize that these cacophonies produce vibrations that tear their nervous system to shreds and awaken monstrous forms in their soul.

Yes, this is serious. It is important to reflect on the influence certain music can have on the psychic equilibrium of the young, and even of adults.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov