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Meditation by definition means to keep your focus on one point, the observation of the mind. Any technique that teaches you to keep your mind concentrated on a mandala centre, your breathing or a candle light is a meditation technique. When you are concentrated in only one point, your mind rests, your body heals, your focus improves and new insights come to your mind.

Types of meditation

Mandala colouring

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Print a sheet from the internet or buy a mandala colouring book and choose the designs and colours that best resonate with you at the time. Be creative. Remain present while you paint, be aware of the different shapes and how different they are perceived as you paint them. Start from the centre and move proportionally towards the outside. After you finished colouring, put it against a wall with the centre at the level of your eyes and observe it while your focus remains just in the centre without feeling your eyes straining. Do this for a few minutes. Check how clear your mind is afterwards with no judgement, just passive observation.

Mantra chanting

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Chant out loud vocals, mantras or bible verses. If you prefer you can start humming first. Feel the sounds and vibrations in your head, in your mouth. Focus on your chest, on your lungs. Do you have enough air? Does your mind get clearer as you keep humming?. Use this technique for 5 minutes in the morning or before going to bed. It relaxed the throat, improves concentration and breathing.


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Prayer consists of opening up mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can talk out loud all your issues and concerns, how you feel, what you perceive until you are empty. Pour your heart out to the Universe and connect with your inner guidance. The silence and peacefulness felt after the prayer are worth it.

Trataka: Candle light gazing

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When you practice this meditation make sure you don’t fall in trance mode. You have to remain aware of the candle light and not ‘drift away’ mentally. Stay mentally present, grounded. Be gentle with yourself.

Anapanasati: Breathing observation

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Oberserve your breathing remaining mentally present. Don’t force it, just simply and gently observe it. How does it feel?. You can start exhaling a little bit longer than the inicial inhalation, then let the breathing settle itself for a few minutes. If you get distracted, gently return your focus back to your breathing and be patient with yourself until you get used to the habit. Notice what’s behind the mind chatter and constant activity. Do you notice your own presence? The inner presence?. Focus on your ears….do you hear the silence? Enjoy it…that’s your true self.