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Coffee substitutes are non-coffee products, usually without caffeine, that are used to imitate coffee. Coffee substitutes can be used for medical, economic and religious reasons, or simply because coffee is not readily available. Roasted grain beverages are common substitutes for coffee.

Grain coffee and other substitutes can be made by roasting or decocting various organic substances.

Some ingredients used include almond, acorn, asparagus, malted barley, beechnut, beetroot, carrot, chicory root, corn, soybeans, cottonseed, dandelion root , fig, roasted garbanzo beans, boiled-down molasses, okra seed, pea, persimmonseed, potato peel, rye, sassafras pits, sweet potato, wheat bran.


Carob coffee

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Dandelion coffee

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Some other options are: herbal coffee, ayurvedic coffee, black chai and malt.

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Hope you give them a try. Most people don’t know there are other options on the market, and some of them cheaper. If you’d like to cut out on caffeine….buying any of these is a good start.