Sprouted Green Bread (Essene raw sprouted bread)

It is made of dehydrated vegetables( buckwheat sprouts, spinach, sunflower and flax seeds, spirulina seaweed and grated coconut, olive oil, sea salt, thyme leaves and lemon juice).

Made in thin layers. Ideal to eat with vegan cheese or homemade marmelade.

Its sprouted, not cooked like a regular loaf of bread. You can add dried organic fruits or organic herbs to this bread as you like. The possibilities are endless. This is a bread that still has all its enzymes working, this means its basically a live food.


Carrot Sticks (Raw Vegan)

Made of dehydrated vegetables and seeds (carrot, sunflower and flax seeds, spices and sea salt).

Ideal to consume for a trip, between meals or supper. You can also try them out with vegan mayonnaise.


Seed crackers

Made of several types of seeds (pumpkin, flax, sunflower, sesame), spices, and syrup. You can use the dehydrator or the oven at the lowest temperature for them to dry out. Add sundried tomatoes and dried fruit. Delicious and light!